SIA Group Sports Club



How can we help you?

Q1. I want to join, but I am going on an extended overseas training.

You can join today, and proceed to apply for Suspension of Membership. We just need the letter from your company stating duration (min 3 months). While away, you will only be charged $1/month to hold your membership and can continue when you return.

Q2. I joined the company 2 years ago and have been on training and this is my first induction course at the Club. Am I still eligible for 50% discount?

We’re afraid not but we do occasionally have membership drives where we offer 50% off entrance fee.

Q3. I know that members get 4 hours free parking. How do I go about this for my car?

All we need is your car Log Card, as well as the 10-digit Car I.U. number. Bring this to the main office and submit it to the Membership department for processing and you’re all set.

Q4. It is said we can apply for my family, so does it mean my whole family including my parents, grandparents, grand-grand parents, wife and kids?

No, the family option only applies to immediate spouse and children.

Q5. I see that the Club has bowling and golf related events, but do not have the facilities, why is it so?

Indeed we do not currenly have these facilities at the Club, but due to our reciprocal agreement with other propriatery Clubs and associations, our members will be able to make use of such facilities.

Q6. As a member, do I get to use all facilities for free?

No, you will need to pay for usage of certain facilities according to our facilities rates. The swimming pool and gym are free to use.

Q7. Do I need to pay to participate in the events / courses offered by the Club?

Yes, you may be required to pay for certain activities and courses, although our members are always offered a lower fee compared to the public.