SIA Group Sports Club

Booking Policy

  1. General Information
    1. First-time login members, your login ID will be your membership number and password that has been sent to you via email to login for the games booking on the Club App. You must change your password after your first login.
    2. Members are reminded to safeguard their own passwords and not to be used by others.
    3. Members will need to scan the E-membership Card at the reception counter for verification purpose and confirmation of their booking slots
    4. Members and guests are to comply to the various games Bye-Laws when using the games facilities.
    5. Lightings will be switched “OFF” 15 minutes after expiry of booking, to avoid disturbance during the play. Members who wish to extend their session may do so at the Reception Counter, 15 minutes before their booking session ends.
    6. No cancellation is allowed after 24 hours prior to your bookings.
    7. All guests and members are to strictly always abide by the Safe Management Measures while in the Club.
    8. Smoking, drinking, or eating is strictly forbidden on all sports facilities.
    9. Bookings are to be made only by Valid Club Members and shall not be sharing the Member ID to anyone. Any non-members, whoever is caught using valid members ID, booking session will be automatically & immediately cancelled, no refunds and no notifications given.
    10. Valid member who wishes to sign in their guests for all facilities has to be in the Club and physically sign them in at the reception counter with his/her guests. 
  2. Badminton, Basketball/Netball, Billiards, Squash, Table Tennis, Tennis Court and Cricket Bookings
    1. Bookings can be made by members through the Club App, up to 7 days (1 week) in advance.
    2. A member can book 1 court per game and up to a maximum of 2 sessions per day (online). Any additional hours to extend bookings can be made via the Club App on the same day (if available). A session shall constitute such period as may be determined at the discretion by the Management Committee.
    3. Paid bookings not taken up after 15 minutes of the booked time has lapsed will be released to others and no refunds or transfer of the bookings will be made.
    4. All guests and members are to strictly always abide by the Safe Management Measures while in the Club
  3. Futsal Pitch, Soccer Field Booking & Cancellation
    1. Bookings of Soccer/Futsal Pitch can be made 30 days in advance before the intended field usage date.
    2. All guests and members are to strictly always abide by the Safe Management Measures while in the Club.
  4. Booking fee
    1. There will be a $1.50 booking fee (bank charges) added to your payment for every transaction. The Club will absorb 50% of $1.50, i.e. $0.75 will then be credited to your e-wallet.
    2. Accumulated money in the e-wallet can be used to off-set your next booking when the amount is enough to fully cover the cost. This function is automatically activated when you have more or exact amount in your e-wallet.
  5. Cancellation and refunds
    1. Cancellation of booking can be done via the App. Refund will be given if you cancel the booking more than 24 hrs. prior to your booking date and no refund if cancellation is made less than 24 hrs.
    2. The refunds (excluding the booking fee) will be credited into your E-wallet which can be used to offset your bookings later.